A Note From Pastor Joanne
Viewing the images of the flood waters and rescue attempts happening in Houston for our sisters and brothers, human and non-human, two thoughts repeat for me.  One is the memory of being surrounded by raging waters in my home in Lafayette during our flood of 2013 (could it possibly be four years ago already??) before we evacuated.  The other thought is about the stories you have told as the folks that call yourselves UCC Longmont engaged in restoration work and ministry of all kinds after that flood.  Natural disasters and other losses in life have universal threads that bind us together in compassion and love, that bind us together in Christ, whether we recognize Christ or not. 


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UCC Disaster Ministries is a program of the United Church of Christ that responds to natural and human caused disasters all over world and is well positioned to respond in most events. In times of domestic disaster, UCC Disaster Ministries office provides a platform and facilitation for much of this work while collaborating with and through UCC Conferences and a network of Conference Disaster Coordinators. Internationally, UCC Disaster Ministries maintains direct relationships and partnerships with organizations and faith communities able to appropriately and effectively respond to emergency and long-term needs.

What's Happening this week at UCC? 

Worship this week! (October 22nd, 2017) 

This will be our second Sunday in Stewardship month ("The Spirit within moves us to give as we look toward the future") and we will welcome guests who will remind us what we have been able to accomplish as a church in the past, and what we look forward to doing in the future.  Ben Walker-Ready will share his story of the help he and his family received from the church after the 2013 flood.  And Carol Matheis-Kraft will bring us into the future with the exciting Micah Homes project.  After worship we will be assembling hygiene kits for those affected by the hurricanes and floods, so if you are able to bring any of the items listed in the Happenings article, we will so appreciate it!  See you on Sunday!

Please note:  There will be no Lectio group this Sunday, October 22, so that everyone can attend the 9am Adult Ed session ​​​​​​​

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