Dream Offering Grant Program



Thanks to the generosity of Royal and Clarice Offer and their $1,000,000 estate gift in 2016, UCC Longmont established an on-going grant program in Spring of 2018. The Dream Offering Grant Program is intended to provide grants of arbitrary size and purpose to fulfill the dreams of the Congregation – often beyond the reach of traditional funding through the church budget. The program guidelines are outlined in three facets:


  • Dream Offering Grant Fund – the pool of funds initially seeded with the Offer Family gift, but open to further donations to perpetuate the program
  • Dream Offering Grant Team – a team of 5 Active or Associate Members elected on an annual basis to oversee the grant program and review/approve grants, typically three times per year. 

      Current members are: 


  • Dream Offering Grant Application – the method any 2 Active or Associate Members may apply for a grant to follow their dream to live out the Church’s mission.
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