Currently accepting Applications! Find the application with the link below!

June 1st 2019 is the deadline for applications for this cycle. 

Dream Offering Grant Program



Thanks to the generosity of Royal and Clarice Offer and their $1,000,000 estate gift in 2016, UCC Longmont established an on-going grant program in Spring of 2018. The Dream Offering Grant Program is intended to provide grants of arbitrary size and purpose to fulfill the dreams of the Congregation – often beyond the reach of traditional funding through the church budget. The program guidelines are outlined in three facets:


  • Dream Offering Grant Fund – the pool of funds initially seeded with the Offer Family gift, but open to further donations to perpetuate the program
  • Dream Offering Grant Team – a team of 5 Active or Associate Members elected on an annual basis to oversee the grant program and review/approve grants, typically three times per year. 
  • Dream Offering Grant Application – the method any 2 Active or Associate Members may apply for a grant to follow their dream to live out the Church’s mission.
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