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A Letter from the Dream Offer Grant Committee


The Dream Offer Grant Team met this week. There were two requests for grants. One was from The Reentry Initiative in the amount of $10,000 which was granted. As prison additional releases are processed, there is a stepped up need for reentry services. 


The other was made by Kathy Von Hatten and Simon Von Hatten. Our first intergenerational request!  Their idea was to purchase food from local restaurants (which desperately need the business) to distribute through the OUR Center to the clients they serve.  Win-win!  They were granted $6,000 which will be managed through the church budget.  The food will be bought from local restaurants, delivered to the OUR Center, and the bill will be paid by the church.


It is likely that these two requests will return to us as the needs in these times change and intensify.


To date, The Dream Offer Team has given out $105,520.00.  A little over 10% of the original amount given by Royal and Clarice Offer.  Our thanks to the recipients for the work they do and their creativity in doing the good work. The Team is required to meet 3 times per year.  But emergency requests have come in that have necessitated meeting more frequently.  If you know about a need or have an idea to meet a need that is an emergency, we can respond with the quickness required.  Applications can be found above.


- The Dream Offer Grant Committee

Dream Offer 

Grant Program



Thanks to the generosity of Royal and Clarice Offer and their $1,000,000 estate gift in 2016, UCC Longmont established an on-going grant program in Spring of 2018. The Dream Offer Grant Program is intended to provide grants of arbitrary size and purpose to fulfill the dreams of the Congregation – often beyond the reach of traditional funding through the church budget. The program guidelines are outlined in three facets:


  • Dream Offer Grant Fund – the pool of funds initially seeded with the Offer Family gift, but open to further donations to perpetuate the program
  • Dream Offering Grant Team – a team of 5 Active or Associate Members elected on an annual basis to oversee the grant program and review/approve grants, typically three times per year. 
  • Dream Offering Grant Application – the method any 2 Active or Associate Members may apply for a grant to follow their dream to live out the Church’s mission.
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