Worship this week!



This Sunday we celebrate Seminary Sunday-  A day that lifts up the ministry of planting seeds and the many paths that stem from theological education.  It may surprise you to learn how seminary education has changed over the years and our service will offer a dramatic glimpse into some of the changes that have sprung forth over time. Children's Church will be offered, led by Christina and Tim Edstrom. 


If you missed Sunday's service ...

We post a weekly podcast of our Sunday sermons and scripture. See the player below to download or simply play our last service. 





Are you afraid of the dark? Our book this week gave us a different perspective on being light for the world as we see darkness in a new way. The story of Lazlo’s encounter with the dark isn’t the usual “afraid of the dark” story and we used it to play with some different metaphors for light and dark in our spiritual lives. This is the final Sunday in our sermon series “Life Lessons Through Literature.” 




When was the last time you felt like an outsider or were surrounded by people you didn't know? We will explored the Christian value of inclusion and how we are asked to create a community of compassion and refuge for folks who live on the margins.


We began our intergenerational sermon series "Life Lessons in Literature." We jumped in by exploring hellos and goodbyes through the lens of Bear and Wolf by Daniel Salmieri. As we journey with Bear and Wolf, we'll use other famous goodbyes, including Laban and Jacob's troubled relationship in Genesis 31:43-49 to discover what it means to say goodbye well. We're also experimenting with a children's worship area in the front of the sanctuary so kids get a front row seat for the great stories and music we have planned. 


We celebrated the dream of Martin Luther King Jr. as we re-commited to building the Beloved Community. We welcomed Strider Arkansas Benston to the pulpit and were inspired by his insights and experiences from the Civil Rights Movement to today. 



The children will stayed in the sanctuary for this week’s service in order to celebrate Dawson’s baptism and the Puerto Rico mission trip commissioning. They’ll be invited to help bless the team!