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We’ve been thinking a lot about blessings lately. Our children and youth ministry leaders incorporate blessings into all of their work. We’re journeying through Jesus’ blessings in our beatitude sermon series. And, I was so beautifully sent off on my trip with all of your blessings filling me.


As you continue your spiritual practices of blessing others in word and action, I want to share with you a simple blessing practice I recently learned at a meeting for the spiritual support providers of the Safehouse Alliance:


Begin by imagining a ball several small balls of light on somewhere on your body. We used our shoulders, near our necks. As you bring to mind the name or face of someone you’d like to bless, imagine one of the balls of light flying off and surrounding that person wherever they are. (You can also “flick” the ball off using your fingers if body prayer is helpful for you.) As you do this, say the person’s name or simply sit with the image of them surrounded by light. Once you’ve finished your time of blessing, bless yourself as well. Sit with the knowledge that you are a child of God.


The beauty of this practice is that you can use it as a longer meditation or as a short burst of blessing when you walk your neighborhood, drive to work or stand in line at the grocery store. I’ve only used it quickly once so far but I found it to be grounding and peaceful. I’ll look forward to hearing how it works for you!


Thank you for being the people of blessing you all are.